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FST International H.C., Ltd.
FST International H.C., Ltd.

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Company Profile:

Our current product lines are mainly from the U.S. and Japan, and we also have products from Austria, Germany, and the UK. Considering cost-effective solutions for specific customers, products from the great China area are also imported, so that we can offer a turnkey package to save time and money for customers.

Our major experiences:

  • Gas analytical instruments, such as On-Line process MS, FT-IR, NDIR, electrochemical sensors etc, our expereince is  >20 years.
  • Wet chemical analysis, and chemical concentrations in solvent, our experience is  >10 years.
  • Powder process and characteristics, our experience is  >15 years.
  • Toxic gas monitor and related system integrations, our experience is  >30 years.


Main Products:

Thermal analysis, Thermal Conductivity analyzer, Powder process & testing equipment