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Major Instruments Co., Ltd.
Major Instruments Co., Ltd.

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Major Instruments ( Taiwan ) founded in 1985,

is the leading scientific instruments company for microscopes, imaging system,

digital pathology, confocal & super-resolution system,

Wafer inspection microscope and electro-opitcal instruments in Taiwan. 

Our mission is to be the Taiwan's first-choice provider of innovative solutions to

our customers' needs for Integrated system , and Vision, Measurement, Analysis of microstructures. 



Main Product:

  • Super-Resolution Microscopy, STED, GSDIM.
  • Spectral Confocal Microscopy
  • Light Sheet Microscopy.
  • Multi-Photon Intra-Vital Imaging
  • Advanced Live cell Imaging
  • Advanced Microscope system ( FLUO, POL, DIC )
  • Stereo-Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Digital Pathology
  • Scientific EMCCD / sCMOS Camera
  • MetaMorph Imaging software
  • Integrated Microscope Automation System
  • Micro-incubation system for cell cultivation on the Microscope.
  • Micro-injection, Micro-manipulation, Micro-Perfusion
  • Chromosome Karyotyping, Spectral Karyotyping, Multi-color FISH, CISH, CGH.
  • Clarity, optogenetics.
  • Optical Mapping ( Ultra High Speed Camera )
  • Vision research
  • Laser Micro-dissection, Laser Trapping
  • Microscope-photometry
  • Electro-Physiology recording and imaging
  • Wild-Field Animal Biotelemetry system
  • Spectral Imaging
  • Label-Free living cell 3D/4D holographic microscope
  • Tissue clearing ( CLARITY ) & labelling system