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Kaoroll Heat Treatment Ind. Co., Ltd.
Kaoroll Heat Treatment Ind. Co., Ltd.

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Kaoroll Heat Treatment Ind. Co., Ltd. is the first and largest heat treatment factory in Taiwan. It has been manufacturing Sendzimir rolls since 1970. Forty- year of heat treatment experience encompasses material science, casting production, machining process, welding forging brazing, soldering, plastic deformation and powder metallurgy treatment technology. 

We understand the characteristic and application of materials. Therefore, we not only provide heat treatment service, material application and improvement technology for our clients, but also develop high quality accessory and material to satisfy our clients. Sendzimir rolls are the typical examples. We have also reached ISO9001: 2015 certificate to manage our quality.

Kaoroll has successfully developed low cost but high performance rollers through the material research and the special treatment technology. Our roller’s average life span is 25-30% longer than other manufacturers’under the same condition.

For each order, we find suitable, 100% ESR grade steel, Salt Bath Furnace for heat treatment and control intensive mechanical characteristic. Every process is strictly inspected step by step. Each roller must be inspected and reports must be submitted, including material composition, hardness and dimensional certification. Kaoroll has 90% market share of rollers in Taiwan. Furthermore, our export has worldwide extended more than 20 countries including South East Asia, South North Asia, North America, and Europe.