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Da Shiang Automation Industrial Co., Ltd.
Da Shiang Automation Industrial Co., Ltd.

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DSA (Da Shiang Automation) established at 2013 and located on Gueishian Industrial Park.

DSA adheres to our core value of innovation, technology, science

and customization to growing steadily since we established.

Through the integration of software and hardware technologies,

several MIT automation devices have been developed to help customers achieve automatic production,

reduce manpower and enhance yield rate.

DSA main service include Automatic Convergence Solutions for Casting, Industrial,

Machining Process, Robotic Application and CNC feed and out etc. 


Main Product:

Automatic Flexible Production System for Shell Mold Quick Drying


This system provides following solutions to satisfy the customized requirements of dipping slurry, coating sand and shell mold drying.

First, we integrate manipulator, customized gripper, slurry tanks and sand tanks into the Automatic Dipping Robot System for Investment Casting . In addition, this system also applies the RFID technology for intelligent production.

On the other hand, Shell Mode Quick Drying subsystem not only achieves the rapid drying but also prevents the shell mode from cracking and splitting due to low humidity or high wind speed.