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San King Technology Co., Ltd.
San King Technology Co., Ltd.

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Provide sales, application and repair services


Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung Branch Offices

Enhanced product knowledge ,Well application experience,

    Strong maintenance skill

Customer group includes Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, 

    Chemistry, Chemical , Food, Steel, Electronics, Semiconductor

    industries, etc.

Advocating Enthusiasm, Professionalism and Integrity as the

    management spirit

Main Product: 



Linear CCD measuring system

Double spectrometer, Air and Argon gas purge

Digital excitation source unit, free from maintenance

Unique spark stand with an easy-to-use design

New design software, easy to use



High speed and easy analysis.


Equipped with an advanced CCD detector, it eliminates the large amount of data processing caused by the absorption wavelength selection problem in the traditional multi-type ICP-OES. The Mini torch design halved the consumption of argon. Easy-to-use software saves the cost and time of education and training, allowing newcomers to learn faster