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YUCENT Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, YUCENT company engaged in import sales of aluminum alloy / carbon steel / stainless steel / copper alloy r and special welding materials have more than 30 years of experience, the general agent of the United States Hobart aluminum alloy welding consumables, in the product The supply industry is in bicycles, furniture, sports equipment, automobiles, mechanical sheet metal, mold processing, steel structure engineering, etc. The company is based on honest service, supplemented by professional technology to help customers solve problems, expand business and not forget the advanced technology, communicate with many partners, and gain the leading position of information and innovation. Established its own brand and established a reputation to build the most profitable and reliable welding trading company in Taiwan.

General agent American aluminum alloy welding material (Hobart), low alloy steel welding consumables, hard surface wear welding consumables, high tensile steel welding consumables, nickel base alloy welding consumables, phosphor bronze / beryllium bronze / low temperature brazing rods, stainless steel welding consumables , TIG / MIG welding machine, cutting machine, welding machine, copper / aluminum / silver flux, automatic dimming mask, all kinds of tungsten rods.