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Hawing GemS Technology Corporation, Ltd.
Hawing GemS Technology Corporation, Ltd.

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Company Profile:

Hawing GemS Technology Co. specializes in the development of non-chromium surface treatment technology for light metals (Al, Mg and Ti alloys), steel and copper alloys. The company licenses the most advanced technologies for the fabrication of metal films; and provides manufacturing services for the metal surface treatment with distinctive specifications.

Main Products:

Hawing GemS Technology Co. cooperates with the National Kaohsiung University on the development of the patented GemS film for the application of anti-corrosion, high heat transfer, heat insulation, or low electrical conductivity. The crystalline silica based GemS film is ultra-thinned, mechanical strong, transparent bearing with natural light reflection colors, and tunable in hydrophobicity – hydrophilicity. GemS film is the first non-chromium anti-corrosion film ever reported being resistant to salt spray test for over 1000 hours (according to ASTM B117 test). GemS film in 1 – 5 micrometer thickness exhibited even stronger protection for metal substrate than other conventional films in 30 micrometer thickness such as Cr(VI), AAO film, etc..

GemS film coated on Al or Cu substrate provides surface electric resistance up to 109 - 1012 ohm, corrosion protection during salt spray test over 500 – 1500 hours, operating temperature beyond 500 ºC.