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hyperInfo Corporation
hyperInfo Corporation

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Hyperinfo Corp. was established in 2001. We are the agency of different brand of CAE products such as the CFD simulation system, FLOW-3D, and the casting processes simulation software, FLOW-3D CAST. We devoted to the sales and maintenance of our softwares, especially efforts on technical support and training.


FLOW-3D CAST provides a complete flow and thermal solution for a wide range of metal casting processes. The simulations provide detailed insights into filling and solidification of the cast part while tracking various defects like different types of porosity, surface oxides, entrained air and collapsed bubbles, thermal stresses and deformations and more. Metal casters can also analyze the mold or die thermal profiles and other properties like gassing of cores with FLOW-3D CAST. Optimized simulated designs reduce development time on the plant floor, speed up time to market and increase yield. FLOW-3D CAST enables modelers to save on design and development costs when deploying new casting processes or alloys.

Combining an intuitive and progressive user interface, FLOW-3D CAST guides modelers through successful projects delivering accurate predictions of filling and solidification defects. Available in Suites for sand casting, permanent mold casting, and high pressure die casting, modelers can use the Suite that best matches their process requirements.