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Chief Up International Corp.
Chief Up International Corp.

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Hot Isostatic Press


Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is a process that uniquely combines pressure and temperature to produce materials and parts with substantially better properties than other methods. The pressure medium is an inert gas, normally Argon. Low temperature and high isostatic pressure, up to 300 MPa (3000 bar/44,000 psi), yield better controlled grain growth and structure as well as isotropic properties, which result in the superior performance characteristics typical for HIP'ed parts.


HIP applications include defect healing of castings, consolidation of metal powder (pre-form and near-net shaped parts), consolidation of ceramic powders, and sintering of diamond tools.













Flexforming is a modern sheet metal forming method for cost effective low-volume production. Flexforming is also used by leading automotive companies and for general low-volume sheet metal forming to achieve low cost, short lead times and high quality.



In Flexforming, sheet metal is formed over one rigid, shape defining tool half by a flexible rubber diaphragm supported by high hydraulic pressure. The use of a single rigid tool half results in short lead times, low tool cost, fast try-out and easy tool modification after component-design changes. The flexible rubber diaphragm forms scratch-free parts of complex shape, including undercuts, with different sheet thicknesses in all materials.